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Mizuki Momo The Peach Devil(WIP) Empty Mizuki Momo The Peach Devil(WIP)

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Mizuki Momo The Peach Devil(WIP) 72332

Name: Mizuki Momo

Age: 21

Gender: Female

Love Interest: N/A


The Kagune of Mizuki Momo is classified as a Bikaku type. When formed the predatory organ is around 5 feet in length. However is width is that of small tree at best. Because of this the kagune is a bit slower than the average Bikaku. However this usual handicap is counteracted by the ability to split itself into three separate tail like kagune of around 12 inches in width each. The tips of each of these tails is formed into something resembling a cherry blossom as well. This shape combined with the violent pink glow the tails give off is the main reason her alias the "Peach Devil" came to be.

Physical Description:

Mizuki is a little on the small side for someone her age. Not only has she remained the size of 4'9 since her 14th year of age. She weighs 109 lbs as well. Mizuki has skin that is just as white as snow. In fact her cheeks light up with a Crimson tint whenever a colder climate is near. The rest of her skin will also become a bright crimson as well. However it resembles more of a violet pink, or orange one could see on a peach in a sense. The females hair is straightened out to a point where it has been completely relived of all lumps, and curls. Stopping just below her shoulder the metallic sliver locks she has could be compared to a shimmering steel than to much anything else. The tips of her hair have been dyed with pink streaks also. Mizuki's eyebrows do not have this metallic color, and instead retained a black one for some reason. Mizuki has a set if different colored eyes instead of matching ones. The right eye is a vibrant purple, and the left an orange. The pupils of both eyes are oddly shaped into the form of a single triangle.

Like most people the female has usually dawned a robe primarily made up of grey silk. This silk is fairly light weight, and made to fit her body perfectly. Containing a bit of muscle the silk tightly clung to her body too some degree. Despite this the robe casually falls, or rather slides off. On both sleeves happen to be a ring of purple fabric leading downward across the arm to bigger circle present up on the lower back. In the center of that ring is a serpent leaping forward at it's prey. Her shirt were a long sleeved grey t-shirt with the same design. The only difference happening to be a rose like symbol on the front of it. A skirt of the traditional gothic style were worn on the body half of her body. The skirt stopped at around 3 inches above her knees. Underneath it she wore a pair of grey shorts. Tied across the girls waist is a leather belt complete with a few punches to hold such things.

Tied onto both of her thighs is 3 small scrolls as well. Worn around the girls neck were a black leather collar. This collar were lined with several sliver spikes each being around 1 inch in length, and 1 inch in width. Buried underneath the locks of her hair were a pair of synthetic white wolf like ears. The ears were around the size of a average canines as well.

Mizuki could be described as lazy in a sense. Even though she calls herself the champion of justice she can be quite unmotivated to save anyone that is far away. In reality Mizuki could also be called a hypocrite since she'd kill people got in her way. Following both logic, and her beast like instincts Mizuki hates to be cooped up in one place for too long. This means that jail, and other places have been completely out of the question for a long time. Being cool, and collected is one of her many good traits that don't concede  the others. She fears anything that could possibly end her life such as bombs,poison,blowing up the moon. Despite this she can be a little eccentric at times. An example would be her tendency to blow things out of proportion, and yes this is meant to be taken literally. Fore Mizuki enjoys seeing everything, and everyone blow. To pieces on a daily basis. It is in her daily routine. When she isn't blowing people up she tends to hunt those of her own species instead of humans making her a cannibal. She does so in secret since she belongs to the organization Aogiri. With this specific diet however came the price of her mortality as well meaning she no longer holds value in any other form of life except her own.

History: (How did your character come to be where they are? What events shaped their life?)

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