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Name: Irie Surakizo

Age: 21

Gender: Male

Love Interest: N/A

Organization: CCG

Kagune: Irie's kagune originates from his lower back and is of the Rinkaku type which makes him a highly offensive fighter but gives him the ability to play defensively as well. He is able to produce three tentacles, he can use it to move quickly by grabbing and projecting himself like a slingshot.

Quinque/Weapon/Fighting style: Irie's Quinque takes on the form of three daggers that can be combined to make a Gladius that can use the Kagunes ability to extend and act as a whip.

Primary Stats: Strength, Speed and Stamnia.

Physical Description:
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 121 lbs
Description: Irie is a strange looking boy whose hair has two tones, white and black; the center and top parts of his hair are black while the ends are a snow white colour. He has a slim face and body, he has no notable scars or birthmarks to differentiate him otherwise. Typically he is wearing his CCG trenchcoat and underneath he wears a black dress shirt and white tie and black skinny dress pants with dark shoes. When he is not wearing his official outfit he can be seen wearing more plain clothes such as hoodies or khaki pants.

Personality: Irie is a gentle soul that can be easily swayed by the ones he cares about. Though his life has caused him to become quiet and reserved from most people, he spends his free time playing video games, or watching anime. Irie has had much experience acting to fit in with the humans at the CCG so he is able to change what type of person he is when he desires, creating his own mental other selves that come out when they are needed. These personalities include (IRIE) the true self who enjoys video games, staying indoors and quietly hanging out with friends around town, though Irie is not some shut in he enjoys chatting with strangers and learning more about people, he truly cares about his friends. (CAIN) Cain is what Irie created when he needs to defend himself from death, Cain is a sarcastic, rude, but non-violent side of Irie, Cain will never resort to killing another person unless his own life is at risk or a friends. (ABEL) Abel is the intelecual personality that Irie created so that he would be able to focus on his studies and how to keep himself hidden, Abel is soft spoken and moves like the flow of water; Abel is capable of unleashing his brains hidden potential to think of new and crazy ideas or to read people and understand what they try to keep hidden from others.

History: Irie was born a ghoul in the 1st ward of Tokyo, living in the most heavily defended part of Tokyo was extremely dangerous for Irie and his family. Spending most his life staying within his room, afraid to leave because of the CCG and to heed his mothers warnings of being discovered. The two of them were able to make it by living for many years as his mother would find corpses of suicide victims, though food was scarce for them as time pressed on. Eventually Irie would have to look for these corpses himself, and in doing so it introduced him to a peculiar ghoul by the name of Cicio Rennsaku who promised to help Irie and his mother. The man was quite learned and aged; able to teach Irie to properly defend himself and blend in with the humans.
The life of Irie didn't seem too bad anymore now that he was able to leave his room if he desired and he was able to portray himself as a normal human, though one day that Irie was to meet with Cicio for a lesson and he was nowhere in sight, in place; Irie could feel eyes on him from multiple directions in the crowd. He acted as though nothing was wrong and blended with a group of passing humans but he yet could not shake the feeling of eyeballs on his neck. Though he was able to shake them and disappear into the dark and return home; but upon grabbing his door handle he could smell blood pooling from behind the door.

Trembling, he couldn't bring himself to push the door open until he heard a car horn behind him which scared him into rushing inside. But nothing could have prepared him for the sight that was played out before him, the walls were painted red along with the furniture, scratches and torn clothes, silverware and the rest of his families belongings were thrown about the place. Irie began slowly walking on his own through the small apartment's halls. Things that were from his room could be found on the floor, books, video games, anime and all his mementos from his childhood that he kept hidden away were ruined. Though he couldn't feel himself crying, tears streamed down his face, dropping into the blood that laid out like carpet. Silence, all that remained was silence now; Irie approached where his mothers room was and felt his eyes shoot wide open as he saw an outline of blood against the wall near her bed. The smell of unfamiliar ghouls lingered in the room, blood.. Blood that didn't belong to his mother was here. Panic took over his mind as he tried to focus his senses on the scent. When he caught a familiar smell, his mothers; he exited the room quietly and walked to the balcony at the end of the hall where the entire wall had been blown out. Irie approached the hole slowly, afraid to look outside and find out exactly what he had already known. A dim light illuminated the outside as Irie peered out, immediately feeling anger, hate, self-loathing, sadness, and pain filled his brain as he saw the corpse of his mother being observed by a CCG operative and not only that but there was another hidden by shadow nearby. Irie had to hold himself back from crying or making a sound to not be caught as well. He could overhear the two of them though it was barely audible, he watched in shadow as two men discussed what to do with the corpse, and wondered if there were more in this area. Before long the two of them came to a conclusion; his heart fell straight to his feet as he watched the man in shadow slouch over her corpse; when suddenly a kagune sprouted from the mans back impaling Irie's mother before the shadowed figure consumed her in front of Irie. Forcing himself to hold back he grabbed his arm that wished to reach out and save his mother, tears blurring his vision and sparring him the sight, though the sound and thought of his mother being killed.. by another ghoul and a CCG member drove him mad with confusion. Irie unable to hold back his feelings any longer then felt a sense of euphoria as he let out a heartbreaking cry, the ends of his hair turned snow white. The two men immediately turned to his direction. He wanted to kill the two of them, he wanted to make them suffer for the crime they committed, but he wasn't strong enough to kill anyone, he could never hurt anyone; he didn't have the stomach for it, yes he was a ghoul but he was just an Otaku who was born different from the ones around him. He ran from them and left the first ward, he went underground for some time and lived off what he could find, until he could no longer hide and run from the truth, a member of the CCG and a Ghoul worked together to end his mothers life, but for why?

Irie would not die until he knew why. So he posed as a human once more and he made a normal life for himself, and applied for the CCG academy with the mindset of having nothing more to lose. His acting became so well that nobody was able to suspect a thing about him, being able to eat with humans and expose of it when he could, hanging out with classmates and bonding with mentors, he had no people to call family so he used the ones around him to create the persona of a normal teenage boy in the academy. When he was promoted to an investigator he was assigned a Quinque that matched his fighting style, he was told this Quinque was quite old but it was reliable and when he was given the suitcase he sensed a familiar presence; his mother. He was taught that Quinque were made from Kagune sacs after a Ghoul was killed.. This Quinque was his mother, he'd been reunited with her and with it he would be able to exact revenge upon those who took his mothers life.

Residence: 7th Ward

Other: (Any details which did not fit into the above sections go here.)

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