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Post by Drakel on Wed Apr 22, 2015 6:26 pm

Name: Daisuke Mori, also known as "The Preacher"

Age: 19

Gender: Male

Love Interest: None

Organization: Unaffiliated

Kagune: His kagune is of the Ukaku type, and takes on the appearance of angel wings made of fire, protruding from his upper back. They have a wingspan of 14' feet. As is common with Ukaku types, the wings are able to crystallize and fire a rapid torrent of spikes, in this form the wings are stiff though and can't be used as well up close. When in their normal form they can cut through most materials (exceptions being other Kagune, Quinque, Specialized metals) and are flexible, making them exceptional for melee combat in this form. As with most Ukaku Kagune when it is revealed Daisuke runs out of stamina at a faster rate, meaning he has to end a fight quickly. He CANNOT fly with these wings.

Primary Stats: Attack, Speed, and Stamina

Physical Description: His height is 6'0 even and he weighs 150 pounds, this pairs well with his lithe and sturdy build. He has shaggy strawberry blond hair that goes down to the bottom of his neck in the back, and he has short, trimmed bangs. He wears a black and blue zip-up hoodie and a purple tank top underneath it, the hoodie is short sleeved. He wears a pair of clean, un-ripped jeans and a pair of plain white tennis shoes.

When he is doing any ghoul-related activities he wears a priest outfit he stole from a catholic church, modified to work better in combat and to look a bit cooler. His mask is a full-face, porcelain-like (Only looks like porcelain, it is actually made of lightweight steel) one with half of it black, and half of it white. The white side as a small detailed angel wing on it, while the black side as a small detailed demon wing on it. The eye-holes are plain and almond shaped, and have nothing in between the eyes and the air. He likes to think the mask represents Ghouls and Humans (White side humans, black ghouls), and how they might look different on the outside, they are still all monsters on the inside (Represented by his eyes).

Personality: He is a mostly carefree individual who likes to relax as much as he can, and even though he dislikes the idea of work he gets to it whenever it is available. Even though he is easygoing he is surprisingly serious in the joke department, he never likes to joke. He tends to lecture and berate people, due to him believing he is smarter then other people, even though he is still going through college. He is a believer of Ghoul and Human equality, and harbors the strong belief that they can co-exist peacefully, and is not afraid to tell any ghoul so. He can tend to be a bit preachy at times, whether it's with friends, or complete strangers. He has a slight masochistic tendency due to his rough childhood, meaning he gets a slight feeling of betterment and pleasure from pain and injuries. When he puts on the mask he becomes much more serious and stern, taking his ghoul activities seriously. He tends to target people who discriminate or who are criminals to feed on (Ghoul and Human alike), but if he can't find anyone like that to feed on he's fine with killing a random person, he thinks it a necessary sacrifice. Occasionally he'll tell criminals why he is punishing (Eating) them and why it was wrong, which is how he earned the nickname "The Preacher". He is non-religious.

History: He was born in the eleventh ward to a not-so-happy couple. A few years after his birth his mother left and tipped the CCG off to her husband and child's location. As the CCG were breaking in, his father threw him out the window and onto the adjacent roof, but before he could follow suit, the CCG broke in and made short work of him. Later that evening the owner of the building the child landed on went to the roof and found the child, and he was shortly sent to an orphanage. As he was growing he was abused by the other children and ignored by the owner of the orphanage, but every month or so he would kill one of the other children in a secluded place and eat them. When suspicions started to arise he stopped feeding from the orphanage and started to eat outside oh his sphere of contact. At the age of 16, and 11 years of abuse, he finally left the orphanage and started to make a living. He managed to get a job at a church for a while, but finding that he wasn't into the practice of religion, left with a stolen priest outfit. Ever since he's been between jobs, making just enough to afford his apartment and after a little saving up, enough to buy a mask.

Residence: an apartment in the 21st ward

Other: - Keeps his spare food at an abandoned clinic.
- Was born on July 25th, and his sign is Cancer
- When he was a child, he wore a cloth bag with holes over his head as a mask, earning him the nickname of "Sandman".

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