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Leveling, And You Empty Leveling, And You

Post by Live To Serve on Sat Feb 07, 2015 10:58 pm

Alright, this won't be nearly as technical as some other sites, but it is important we have a leveling system, so pay attention; All characters have 5 base stats which can be leveled up in different ways depending on whether or not you are a ghoul or human. You will have 3 points to start with, please use these to determine the 3 skills which you want to focus on.

The Stats:

Health (Your Constitution essentially)

Attack (The strength of your hits)

Speed (How fast you move)

Stealth (Ability to move without being seen)

Stamina (How long you last/endurance)

All stats can have 5 points attributed to them MAXIMUM. Once these are filled up, you can specialize that trait to fit your character (See Specialization at bottom).

Ghouls: Ghouls gain one point for every 25 human beings killed and eaten, OR they can gain one point by cannibalizing 5 fellow ghouls, though this will harm their reputation among fellow members of their species. A Ghoul's Kagune may also change if they specialize.

Humans: Humans gain one point by killing 10 Ghouls, gaining martial prowess in fighting the more powerful species, or they can gain power by killing 30 humans.

You can keep track of your OC's strength in the Log Section, or Signature.


Specializations are earned by maximizing one of the 5 base stats. You CAN eventually specialize in all 5 base stats over time. A specialization is any ability based upon the attribute in question, this ability is then confirmed with a member of the staff. This also maximizes that attribute with one additional 6th point.

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