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Shizuka Kimura "Toxic Claw" Empty Shizuka Kimura "Toxic Claw"

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[ Picture coming soon! - Once I finish painting it! ]

Name: Shizuka Kimura

Age: 18

Gender: Female
Love Interest: None at current.

Organization: Anteiku.

Kagune: Rinkaku – An offensive type Kagune that takes the form of four long, sharp toxic green tentacles erupting from the back of her waist. These are primarily designed to inflict lethal damage making them excel at close-mid range combat. They are able to merge into each other to create stronger, thicker tentacles however, this reduces their number and their efficiency when dealing with multiple targets. Like all Rinkaku Kagune's, they are easily broken if damaged, but will repair after a day or two. This also grants Shizuka exceptional regenerative capabilities, though the efficiency is greatly reduced if she does not feed after sustaining intense damage.

Primary Stats: Attack, Endurance and Stamina.

Physical Description: Shizuka is a Japanaese woman of traditional appearance. Her skin is as porceline as a china doll, and are tainted with a dash of redness upon her fuller cheeks. Her lips are  constantly painted pink much like a shrine maiden, and are always graced with a friendly and bright smile. Her oval shaped yellow eyes are graced by a thin layer of green eyeshadow, used to match her overflowing green locks. Like many women in Japan, she has allowed her hair to grow to a great length, but lets it run wild with it's numerous mass of layers. Her face is structured into a rounded shape, with a slight pointed chin to emphasise her traditional features. Her body is nothing special in terms of height or width, as she likes to keep herself in shape with the rest of society – to better blend in. There is enough fat on her body to sustain a healthy weight and form, giving her the typical shape of a woman nearing her early twenties. She has very small feet, which makes buying shoes for her very limited. Around her neck is a Japanese charm pendant, representing 'protection' from evil spirits. It is certainly something not commonly worn by women of today's generation, but Shizuka appears to prefer some traditional items on her person. Casually dressed, she tends to wearin light coloured dresses and cardigans, complimented by small dolly type flat shoes. Various japanese shrine charms will be dangling from her dress, or as beads around her slender wrists. This woman clearly enjoys to dress with some modesty, while retaining her feminicity.

Personality: Shizuka was brought up with love and affection, and without a horrifying or mind-dementing past, it has left her personality rather bright to be around. She is friendly to most, and is rarely seen without a smile as her default expression. She carries the aura of someone who enjoys helping others, even if they do not wish it. Her persistance will see her through and cause her to push her aid towards another. Her attention span is generally short, causing her to shift from one thing to another relatively swiftly. This in turn, makes keeping a conversation going one way with her, rather difficult and near impossible. She does not do it to be rude, but is simply easily entertained by the ongoings around her. This paticular Ghoul, should never be trusted with anything precious or fragile, as she is as destructive as a bull in a china shop. Through no real fault of her own, she is incredibly clumbsy, probably being one of the few people able to trip over her own toes. Shizuka is relatively bright, but like everyone she has her ditzy moments where her levels of intelligence and common sense are put into question. She tends to shy away from mindless violence, and abstains from using her Kagune unless her life is in direct danger. She is one of those Ghouls who wish to live in peace with the humans, desiring no conflict of any kind with them or her own kin. While accepting that the human race as a whole will never accept Ghouls into their society completely, she remains hopeful that by helping lead the way at Anteiku, the path for Human and Ghoul's will merge into a future of peace. Perhaps it is a fools wish, but it is something to keep her hopeful at least. She retains a rather strong open mindedness, able to understand why the CCG hunt her kin, but at the same time despises their indiscriminate behaviour towards Ghouls. - They kill whatever Ghoul they find, be they woman, child or man. Shizuka is under the belief that the CCG are needed to keep the human population safe for the more bloodthirsty and murderous sect of her kind and will defend their actions when slandered openly. While this renders her disliked by the more anti-human Ghouls, it brings a smile to the humans who pass by. Perhaps this belief is to sustain her cover in the public? Who would suspect someone a Ghoul if they defended the CCG openly? Shizuka has the energy levels of a child, so much so that she practically bounces off the walls in doing so. This paticular Ghoul has no desire to consume the flesh of living humans, and the thought only crosses her mind if she is near starvation – as it would with any other Ghoul. It is for this reason, she is sure to make certain she consumes the flesh of the dead to keep her hunger in check.

Shizuka and her family, originally come from the peaceful Fourth Ward, and it was there that she was born. Her father was a doctor at a local hospital, and her mother was a receptionist that worked there. Shizuka was originally one half of a set of twins, but some reason her twin died in the womb shortly before the third trimester, leaving her to enter the world alone. Their relatively peaceful nature, allowed her to grow up in a loving, affectionate and safe home, as long as they were careful not to reveal what they are. The family refused to feed on any living flesh, so the father would take flesh from the dead in the morgue, which allowed he, his wife and his daughter to live without harming anyone. It went on like this for years, until at the age of fourteen. It was on this day when Shizuka was sleeping in her bed, that her parents were working over-time at the hospital. Her father was in the morgue procuring some flesh from his family, unsuspecting of a CCG investigator that been sniffing around the area. Catching the doctor in the act, he attempted to execute him without remouse, but little did he know the wife was just behind the door and witnessed the event. She activated her Kagune and impaled the Investigator from behind, aided with her husband they instantly killed the man there and then. With panic and determination in their eyes, they both and rushed back to their home, to protect her daughter from the Investigatorsthat would soon be upon their household. They wake Shizuka from her sleep, and shoves their life savings into her pocket, having kept a bag or two filled with essentials for them to survive with  should something like this ever arise.  Before the CCG could mobilise and quarantine off that section in the ward, they were able to bribe someone to transport them to another ward.

They arrived at the 20th ward the next morning, where Shizuka's Aunt lived. Thing settled down rather nicely with her help. They changed their names and identities, but found it difficult to find employment due to having to erase their previous lives. So her father taught Shizuka all his medical expertise at home, to help her enrol into college. She was determined to this, keen to become a doctor like her father and to help her kin in secret. Yet, as her aunt chose to prey on living, this was not to their tastes and they refused to consume the flesh she brought back. Slowly they began to starve, and their behaviours turned ravenous from the hunger. Their aunt made sure to lock them into the house, insisting that she and Shizuka go find some 'acceptable' flesh to feed them with. Unfortunately, Shizuka had been working hard to conceal her own hunger and resist her desire to devour the flesh and organs of a fresh, living, breathing human. This was put to the test however, as there was a sleeping drunk in an alleyway, and judging by his condition, his liver was in a poor condition as a result. Consumed by her hunger and near starvation, she bites into the man's  arm, causing him to wake and scream in pain. Her eyes surged red from her Ghoulish transformation, having tasted fresh living human meat for the first time. It felt and tasted absolutely delicious, so much that she sunk her teeth in deeper and tore out a larger chunk. The drunk passed out from the shock, which meant Shizuka was free to devour this man to her hearts content. However, the smell of blood and flesh had attracted another Ghoul, who was adamant she had stolen his meal. He used his Kagune to throw the half starved Shizuka into a wall, taking over the eating of her prey. Angered and lost to her hunger, her Kagune activated, piercing towards the other Ghoul with fierce intensity. It was swiftly intercepted and her Kagune shattered, causing her to shriek back in pain. Another Ghoul had arrived on the scene, and he looked down at the scene with indifference. A few words were exchanged and after allowing her to finish her meal, she told him how her parents were starving, and that they refused to eat meat from the living. Having an idea, the man offered to help Shizuka with her problem, and assured her there was a way to help her and her parents, without harming anyone. As payment, she would need to work in their Coffee shop, which she quickly accepted. She now works at Anteiku in her spare time, while attending her studies at a local college to become a doctor. This way, she is able to help her parents, and not hurt anyone while doing so.

20th Ward.



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Shizuka Kimura "Toxic Claw" Empty Re: Shizuka Kimura "Toxic Claw"

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