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Ishikira, Kaito - Finished Empty Ishikira, Kaito - Finished

Post by Lord_Kawaii on Thu Jul 30, 2015 8:38 am

Ishikira, Kaito - Finished 8XZbsto

Name: Ikishira, Kaito

Age: 15

Gender: Male

Love Interest: Not Yet

Organization: Unaffiliated

Kagune: His Kagune is Black with red streaks running up it, on the end of each part is a mouth with razor sharp teeth. He mainly controls them by moving them in serpentine patterns and allowing them to grow out to reach for things, mainly flesh, however they can occasionally act independently but this is rarely more than small movements, His Kagune forms out of the back of his shoulder blades. His Kagune is a Koukaku type.

Primary Stats: Attack, Speed, Stamina

Physical Description: Kaito has medium length black hair and always dresses in primarily dark colours, his skin is an unhealthy pale grey colour and sometimes blue veins are visible on his neck. His main feature is the large breathing mask he has, this prevents him from eating normally in exchange for making the air breathable for his damaged lungs, He uses his Kagune to eat to get around this.

Personality: Kaito is easily described as lazy, reckless and sarcastic. He thinks nothing of humans and even less of the CCG, regarding them as nothing more than food and annoyances. He loves to sleep and one of his biggest hatreds is being woken up before he’s ready. He can’t stand being given orders and as such does not fit in well with the more organized groups of ghouls. He gets bored very easily and most of his time not spent sleeping is used looking for something to occupy his time. He’s not particularly unfriendly, but his personality as a whole tends to turn people away.

History: Kaito was born in Tokyo as a Ghoul who grew up never knowing who his real parents were as well as with a breathing condition that forced him to wear a mask to filter the air around him. As a child he ran with a Ghoul pack where he learned most of what he knows today, The rules of that pack were always the same “If you earn your keep, you get to eat well.” Kaito always made sure he earned his keep and indeed he did eat well, His pack was his family, and he especially felt closest to Tora, a female ghoul who had always acted like a mother to him. On his 8th Birthday, the pack leader announced they were going on a special hunt in honour of Kaito. It started out normally, they tracked down a group of humans, but before any of them could attack, things took a turn for the worse. Two of the pack leapt for the humans and were immediately taken out by doves. The attack was so unexpected that most of them fell shortly after. As he knelt next to Tora who now lay dying, she gave him his “Birthday Present” She gave a small chuckle with her last breath as she handed Kaito a small locket with a picture of the pack all together. He had no idea how she’d gotten them all to agree to have the picture taken, but at that moment he didn’t have time to care. As he turned he saw the pack’s leader accept some money from the head of that dove squad. He had no time to shout or take revenge at that very moment; if he had tried he would’ve been annihilated. So he ran, tears streaming from his eyes, bitter resentment for the CCG and his former pack leader forming in his heart. After these few years he’s kept that anger, but mainly blows it off as less than it is.

Residence: Ward 17



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Ishikira, Kaito - Finished Empty Re: Ishikira, Kaito - Finished

Post by Live To Serve on Fri Aug 07, 2015 6:11 pm

Interesting Kagune choice. Approved.

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