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Akatsuka Takako [ F I N I S H E D ] Empty Akatsuka Takako [ F I N I S H E D ]

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Akatsuka Takako



Love Interest:


[Ukaku || Scaled Feather]

Takako’s Kagune, wings with multicolored feathers in shades of blue and purple, was inherited from her mother. Despite her short temper, Takako would never use her Kagune for petty reasons such as picking a fight or getting even with someone, she usually ever just uses it to hunt for food and defend herself. Her fighting style takes after her mother as well, using acrobatic moves to dodge attacks and or to help initiate using her Kagune. Takako usually crystallise her Kagune, delivering a high speed torrent of crystals at her target. She can’t, however, use her wings as a shield since they aren’t sturdy enough; deflecting light attacks is possible though. When in a fight, Takako usually goes for the kill immediately seeing as her Kagune uses a lot of RC and her stamina is lower than that of a normal ghoul so she gets tired easily. For her, the start of fights is usually the ending as well since she rarely gives an opposing party the chance to fight back (if her skills are above their’s). Fight quick and hard, that’s her philosophy when facing others.

Primary Stats:


Physical Description:

Akatsuka Takako [ F I N I S H E D ] GZvDpsV

Takako is what some may call mischievous. Her long fox-colored hair was never tamed (she never wanted to tame her hair). Her light purple eyes were something that no one saw. Usually she is wearing a khaki sweater along with her green jacket, a red scarf wrapped around her neck, her necklance, a pair of brown boots and of course her navy short jeans. Takako is somekind tall, her size being 5'5 ft and her weight 115 lbs.

NOTE: Takako can be recognised easily because of her necklance. As she never took it off while hunting, usually her scarf is covering most of it.

Takako is someone who you can easily describe as a very stubborn girl, with a bit of anger management issues. She is easily teased and annoyed, at times even lashing out if one manages to push her buttons waaaay too far. She has a usual ‘bitch face’ on even when she’s not necessarily angry. Her harsh attitude, however, can be a good indication on how close she considers someone; If she's openly violent with a person chances are she either really likes or really dislikes the person. Most of time, however, she will not waste her time with people she hates; she has this sort of 'You're-garbage-and-I-don't-like-you-so-you're-not-even-worth-my-attention' mentality, this of course has it's exceptions and that is if they attack her or does anything that'll make her snap. Not one to yield to other's Takako has a bit of an Superiority complex, she doesn't like being looked down on- in fact she absolutely hates it when anyone sees her vulnerable or weak.

Even though she can be snarky and harsh sometimes, she's surprisingly understanding of others. You messed up a job? Yeah she'll get angry, she might even shout in irritation and hit your head. But then she'll tell you stand up and try again. Crying because your pet cat died? She'll shove a handkerchief at you face.

Despite her short temper Takako is usually civil with others; don’t let the first few interactions fool you- it takes time for her to get used to new people. Even though she doesn't like forging close relations with others, the few who do become her friend would gain her loyalty and trust. This says a lot seeing as she has a good sense of judgment when it comes to other’s character; she won’t be easily tricked by false smiles or kind gestures. This may make her seem overly cautious at times, but it was better to be safe than sorry. Not one to be narrow-minded tries her best to look at things in different perspectives. A trait she learned through her parents, which in turn made her more open about her interest with humans. She is expressive and honest- rarely will she ever sugarcoat the harsh truth to anyone since she sees it as a pointless thing to do. Life is a bitch, get over it and move on. That being said, Takako is naturally snarky and sarcastic, not more so to the people she just met but if she's around someone long enough it'll come out naturally.

She is a pacifist at best regarding the whole situation between Humans and Ghouls- much to her displeasure, she has come to terms that it was just a way of life- Ghouls eat humans to survive, Humans kill Ghouls for the exact same reason. She, however, does not kill excessively (unlike many of her kind) she only kills humans to eat. For someone of her age, she can be considered at best wise and at worst senile.


>To anyone who lived in 14th Ward, it was no secret that it was like hell on earth; if it wasn't Ghouls eating humans, it was Ghouls eating Ghouls- everyone was a walking dish waiting to be eaten, no one was safe. These were the exact sentiments of Takako's parents, Shiro and Akane Koizumi, even more so when they had decided they wanted to start a family. After all a Lost Ward was no place to raise a child. Despite the fact that they were Ghouls, both of the adults were not as insane or sadistic like the many in their community- in fact they quite liked observing humans and enjoyed the things they had to order (besides their flesh, that is). So when they had found out Akane was pregnant, they wanted out of the Cannibal’s Ward; they wanted to start a new, and so they moved into 20th Ward. There the female Ghoul gave birth to a baby boy they named Nate and a few years later, a baby girl named Takako.

>Takako as a child had a relatively normal childhood (well as normal as a Ghoul’s childhood could be) and she grew up with humans mostly. She was often teased about her hair by other kids- but besides that she had little problems as a kid. It was no secret to her either that she was different from them, that she was a Ghoul; both her parents made sure to educate her and her older brother about their differences and what they really were. Her outlook on humans didn’t change though, she still liked them- even her best friend was human. Since they had talked about this to them at a relatively young age- both of them had little problem wrapping their minds around the idea, or so they thought.F

>Her parents were not naïve into thinking that just because they were in the safest Ward, doesn’t mean they were in fact ‘safe’ either. So when they were of proper age, they taught her their kids how to hunt and fight for themselves- and to effectively do that they had to be in real life or death situations so they were taught in one of the most dangerous Ward and the former home of her parents: 14th Ward. At first, Takako thought she was okay with the fact they ate humans but it wasn’t until her first hunt did the gravity of it all hit her like a ton of bricks. Seeing someone get murdered right in front of her very eyes, it was a huge shock to her. These were the people she was around 24/7, it could’ve been her neighbor, or teacher or even classmate- that thought scared her and despite the fact she still agreed to learn how to fight- she decided to only ever eat when she was starving.

>Growing up in a deadly Ward had its perks: It taught both Shiro and Akane how to fight and how to fight well. All the skills they acquired, from fighting styles to survival tips, were passed onto to Takako and Nate. Now Takako strangely enough, compared to other Ghouls, was unusually sickly- or rather her stamina was lower than that of an average Ghoul, a fact that made her parents anxious. After realizing that maybe their daughter’s physical state was not fit enough to partake in harsh training, they ultimately made her stop joining when she was 13, to which Takako harshly protested to. Even as a child, Takako had been stubborn- she didn’t want to be babied, she didn’t want to be looked down on especially by her parents just cause she got tired easily; her parents had always looked at her as an equal, the fact they decided to treat her any different hit her hard. It was only after an unexpected incident did Takako truly wished they hadn’t done that.

>One night, at the age of 14 their home was ambushed by Investigators roaming the area- they rarely ever went to 20th Ward, so never in their wildest dreams did they expect to be found. Takako's father had told them to make a run for it while he distracted the two Doves- something they didn’t want to do because no matter how good he was there was no way he could beat two Specialists on his own. Inevitably, however, Akane made the choice to drag her two kids away as the fight broke out. She went to the only place they could hide in, their old apartment in 14th Ward. They never saw Shiro again after that night and that triggered Takako to ask her mother to continue teaching her how to fight. The frustration and anger was evident in her voice that eventually Akane agreed once again to teach her how to fight. What Takako lacked in stamina, she made up with her skills as a fighter- a talent she may have inherited from her mother.

>Since that incident the three started living in 14th Ward seeing as they needed to keep a low profile. They made life go on the best they can; Takako and Nate still went to school and Akane would still go to work. It was around this time she met Felix Bertrand. She found him completely odd at first and would often violently retaliate against his frivolous actions, but eventually they became friends. She taught him about humans and their culture, something that piqued his interest. Ever since the Investigator incident, however, Takako started developing mixed feelings for humans.

>Everything was slowly going back to normal and she was trying her best to piece herself back together despite the big change that occurred in her life. Things made another sharp turn for her, however, when at the age of 17 she witnessed one of her classmates, her best friend, getting devoured by another ghoul. Something in her snapped and she killed the Ghoul in fit of rage. After that she fell to the floor and as she stared at the corpse of her friend, her mind reeled in confusion: She liked humans, but she needs to eat them but Humans kill people like her because they want to live. Then something in her mind clicked in understanding: This was all just a series of unfortunate fate. The strong kill the weak and the strong survives. The circle of life. And she absolutely hated it, because even if she survived if it was at the cost of innocent people, she wouldn’t be truly happy.

>Fast forward to the present date, she is now going to university but unlike before she no longer becomes emotionally close towards humans and merely enjoys their culture quietly. She has gotten used to her life in 14th Ward as well, but she can’t help but feel some sort of disgust for the cannibals that reside in it.

14th Ward


+Human culture
+Movies (Horror films especially)

-Unnecessary Fights
-Noisy Places
-Morning Classes
-Overly Sadistic people
-Human food
-Hot days
-Physical Activities

+  Shiro Akatsuka || Father (deceased)- Cheerful and fun- loving, Shiro would be the last person anyone would expect to be a Ghoul. She shared a lot of interests with her father, which resulted to them being close, so his death was like a punch to gut for her. Her only regret right now was that when he had died, she was still angry and bitter about being forbidden to fight, so she never got to make up with him.

+  Akane Akatsuka || Mother - Her mother was a stern teach to both her and her brother, but at the same time a gentle mother. She had been through so much at this point that Takako couldn’t help but feel admiration for the woman. During her younger years, Akane earned quite the reputation for being an extremely violent Ghoul, a reputation that still sticks to her to this day, despite having mellowed down significantly. She’s currently employed as an English teacher in a middle school.

+  Nate Akatsuka || Brother- Her brother has a bit of a mischievous side, but besides that the two siblings got along just fine. He does, however, worry about her physical well-being often and as much as she is touched by his concern, she refuses to be coddled by him. Takako is very protective of her brother and doesn’t take well to people close to him.

+  Felix Bertrand - The only Cannibal she has befriended thus far. Despite his flirtatious and overly-touchy attitude, she cherishes her friendship with him a lot seeing as she met him around the time her father passed away. Having a friend (or simply having someone to talk to) was a great help for her to cope with her loss. To add to that, he didn’t treat her any different when he found out she was sickly for a Ghoul- he was his same old self. She’ll never say it out loud but she considers him one of the most important people in her life. This, however, does not give him a free pass when she gets angry- in fact, more often than not, he’s the pushing her buttons almost 24/7.

+  Saionji Takizawa - He saved Takako during one of those days she was near crazy from not eating human flesh for a long period of time (even if he did force feed her), it was the night her friend got killed- and when she was almost tempted to eat her she sprinted and bumped into him. She hasn’t been friends with him for long, but she does appreciate his silence.

Akatsuka Takako [ F I N I S H E D ] ITl3MY9

"It really got me. Don't you think?"

Takako wanted a cool mask, mostly to scare her prey. She ended up having a black mask, leaving a part of her right eye revealed for some reasons.

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Akatsuka Takako [ F I N I S H E D ] Empty Re: Akatsuka Takako [ F I N I S H E D ]

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Some of the stuff in the history section seems to be talking about a guy named Kitano rather than Takako. I thought I should point it out in case it was a cut and paste error or something.

Also, I thought that the crazy violent wards were the 11th, 13th and 14th and that the 3rd was one of the ones with an excess of Doves.


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Akatsuka Takako [ F I N I S H E D ] Empty Re: Akatsuka Takako [ F I N I S H E D ]

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Thank you very much! I made some errors. Going to fix them right now.

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Akatsuka Takako [ F I N I S H E D ] Empty Re: Akatsuka Takako [ F I N I S H E D ]

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Dang. This is all very well thought out. Excellent depth of character. Approved.

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Akatsuka Takako [ F I N I S H E D ] Empty Re: Akatsuka Takako [ F I N I S H E D ]

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