Sakai, Washi. [Finished]

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Sakai, Washi. [Finished] Empty Sakai, Washi. [Finished]

Post by Arc on Tue Aug 11, 2015 11:31 am

Name: Sakai Washi.

Age: 17


Love Interest: N/A(H)

Organization: Un-fillated. He is not a fish, thanks. Unaffiliated for now, will most likely fight Aogiri Tree.

Kagune: The kagune of Washi is a ukaku type, jet black in colour, with a slightly red colour along the upper edge, closer to the arm.. The defining factor for his kagune is the fact that instead of sprouting backwards and away from the body, it curves under the shoulders and underneath the arms of Washi. This gives the appearance of a kagune coming out of the underside of the arm instead of the back, though this isn't actually the case.

Primary Stats: Speed, attack and stealth.

Physical Description: He is short. And light. And wears clothes always. Has hair.
Washi Is not a big burly guy. Far from it. At 5'1 and 102 pounds, his overall stature is quite far from impressive, and he uses that fact to the utmost. He wears clothes in ordinary colours, with hoods to cover himself up. Washi has medium length black hair, which is usually not groomed much, and thus, messy. His facial features are nothing out of the ordinary, except for his eyes, which, when not ghoul'ed up, are very expressive and overall, intense. As he has a very noticeable scar/birthmark, he isn't sure which, Washi wears a pair of gloves, along with his black carnival mask, the nose-piece made to look like a small beak.

Personality: You may have thought that the fairly bland appearance would have lead to a bland and uninteresting personality... Well, you may be right, because honestly? I have no idea what you find interesting. It's subjective. Washi Has a rather skewed mind. This might not be apparent when you see him, or rather glance over him, hiding in plain sight, doing things that just make him hard to notice. Among people, he behaves just like them, an ordinary guy minding his own business. But on the hunt, he becomes something totally different; he follows his pray and rounds them up where he wants them by using the fear that is no doubt rooted in their minds, by the various ghoul hating media on TV. He plays with them, until they become insane with fear, or at least close enough to it, and only then does he kill them. Slowly, of course. A sadistic ghoul, who would have though? But that only happens when he is on the hunt. Among other ghouls, another side of him comes out. A talkative, friendly side, with a flirtatious side when it comes to the ladies. Ladies, who often brush him off as a kid, because of his short height. None of them believe him when he gives them his real age. He looks down on anyone hostile towards him, that he can beat easily.

History: Washi wondered the different wards using the tunnels of the 24th. He often got lost in the network, but never had any trouble. What made him wonder? He didn't have a place to stay, his parents having been hunted down when he was still very young. He never got into much trouble while moving between the wards, or otherwise, until a cannibal found him while he was lost in the tunnels. He was taunted by the cannibal, about how he seemed week and how he would become dinner. Unfazed, Washi continued on his way, up until the insane cannibal started to charge him down, his bikaku type deployed. Washi ran too, towards the maniac, and just as the maniac tried to attack Washi's stomach, Washi jumped in the air, deploying his own kagune, spinning. The cannibal lay in three pieces behind Washi, and Washi found that he enjoyed the thrill of fighting other ghouls. It was much better than hunting people, he found. He wouldn't be a cannibal though, no. Not if it meant being like the one he killed then.

Residence: 20th ward. Settled down, mostly.

Other: How could you NOT make a section for the description of the mask. It wouldn't be very long, but I think that it's fairly crucial.


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Sakai, Washi. [Finished] Empty Re: Sakai, Washi. [Finished]

Post by Live To Serve on Wed Aug 12, 2015 3:19 pm

Accepted, also, I will see about a mask section.

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