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Post by Midori Ackerman on Tue Aug 25, 2015 2:56 am

Name: Midori Ackerman

Age: 13

Gender: Male

Love Interest: Hinami

Organization: Anteiku

Kagune: Ukaku. Special Ability: Turns to Crystal allowing him to shoot shards.

Primary Stats:
Speed: Being an Ukaku he uses speed in battle. Being small helps this greatly.
Knowledge: Having being half human Midori was taught how to read and write by his father. He uses Knowledge in battle quite often.
Friendly: He usually is friendly to everyone he meets and this pushes him in battle to protect the ones he cares about.
Being an Ukaku means that he isn't very strong
Young Age doesn't help him in battle that often

Physical Description: Midori is about 5"2 and usually wears a T-Shirt and track shorts. He wears glasses and likes to wear athletic stuff. Though his height may fool his enemy's his speed is very high in terms of combat. Though he doesn't need to wear his glasses that often he wears them to make his identity as a human look more authentic. He has brown hair that usually just stays down and has Hazel Eyes. When in battle his Kagune looks like wings that have a turquoise color.

Personality: Being Young and not having parents very long he likes to be hyper and have fun, even if it means breaking a couple of rules. He usually likes to cause trouble for the CCG, but is careful while doing so. Bugging Touka is his main hobby though she hates it when he annoys her. Though she may feel this way Midori feels like Touka is his mom with her having an Ukaku Kagane and all. When in combat Midori likes to think things through which can cause him to get into bad situations. Though this doesn't always happen if he is extremely mad or desperate he will charge in without thinking. He Hates Rinkaku Kagune's. Being Half-Human he hates killing humans.

History: Having his mom being a Ghoul and his father a human Midori is a rare One-Eye witch got him into lots of trouble with other ghouls on the streets. So much trouble in fact that when Midori was in the park at age 6 his parents were murdered in front of him by a ghoul with a Rinkaku Kagune which causes him to start hating Rinkakus. After his dad was down his mom looked at him and told him to run. Those were the last words of his mother. After Midori Stopped running for an hour straight he found an abandoned alleyway and made that his home for several years. During this time he got used to finding dead humans and devouring them. At age 10 he taught himself how to fight and carried on for 3 more years gaining himself the title of "Bunny". By age 14 he was found by Touka on the streets in the middle of a fight with Nishiki which Nishiki was winning. Ever since then he has been living in Anteiku with Touka.

Residence: 20th Ward: Anteiku in Toukas room

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Post by Live To Serve on Tue Aug 25, 2015 6:42 pm

Alright, I'm going to ask you to use the stats provided on the character application, and to read over all the site's rules. You cannot include characters from the Series in the application, as they do not exist. Furthermore, you need to expand on the kagune section, and consider possibly revamping the history as it is very unrealistic. Half-ghouls are also not allowed as a result of their overpowered nature within the series.

As your admin, I swear to uphold the highest standards of lackadaisical behavior, general goofiness, and all-around pandemonium,

But if you bring your drama into my house, I
WILL boot your sorry butt.

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