Striking in the Dark

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Striking in the Dark Empty Striking in the Dark

Post by Live To Serve on Sun Sep 06, 2015 1:41 pm

Rippling, churning-fluid

Peaceful, furious-turmoil

Twirling, tearing-no opponent.

Long had this place been a haunt of Nikuya. It was the perfect place for him to train. When this ward had a sizable human population, it was an illegal dog-fighting pit. As such it was a large, circular area-all concrete and steel pipes- but it was still well hidden by necessity.

Something more mad it a good place to train though, it was the lingering aura of violence. Like the blood spilled here had colored the floor and walls. Seeped in. Over the years, Nikuya had left his own marks on the place. Chips of broken stone lay scattered across the floor, deep grooves Nikuya had carved out with his Kagune. At present his body was slicked with a fine sheen of sweat, as he kicked high in the air, up and up, and up, fast as the blink of an eye. He had a manic cast to his eyes, shades of black creeping around the edges, partially turned with blood-lust. When it was done he slumped into a wooden chair, peeling off his shirt to use for a towel.

A moment's peace.

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