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That's Cute. Empty That's Cute.

Post by Live To Serve on Tue Nov 24, 2015 7:10 pm

"Look, it's not that I don't love irony, I really do, but this is almost too good."
Nikuya said to the quivering gun barrel shoved under his jaw.
The mugger's brow furrowed in confusion "The hell are you talking ab-"
That was as far as he got before Nikuya had eviscerated him with his kagune.
"The sad part though, is how stereotypical you are of your kind." Nikuya continued, as the man stared wide-eyed at the increasingly wet hole in his chest. "I'd be surprised if you had anybody that would even notice your disappearance, let alone mourn it."
"M-m-my ch-chest..."
He stammered. "Yes, I put a hole in it." Nikuya said with a fake smile, talking like an adult to a five year old.
A cruel note soured his smile into a sneer. "Well. It's been fun. Lights out."

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That's Cute. Empty Re: That's Cute.

Post by Shokkou on Thu Dec 17, 2015 11:35 am

OOC: Hope you don't mind me jumping in.

Kazuki was wandering around mentally debating the merits of a few different manga cafes with regards to spending the night, when he caught a whiff of the familiar and oh so appetizing scent of human blood. Since it had been a while since he last ate, he followed his nose to a nearby alley. Another sniff informed him of the presence of another ghoul.

Not wanting to piss whoever it was off by barging in while they were eating, he slipped into the alley far enough for him to be out of sight of the main road while still maintaining a respectful distance from the other ghoul and their prey and was ready to bolt at the first sign of hostility.


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