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Post by Shokkou on Thu Dec 10, 2015 4:27 pm

Name: Kazuki Kimura

Age: 19

Gender: Male

Love Interest: N/A

Organization: Unaffiliated

Kagune:  Rinkaku. Nothing particularly impressive, just a long pair of plain and rather skinny red tentacles that aren’t even especially strong by rinkaku standards.

Primary Stats: Health, Attack, and Stealth

Physical Description: Five foot eight, lean build, short black hair, brown eyes. Very average in terms of looks with slightly angular features. Is a jeans, T-shirts and sweatshirts kind of guy. Often wears a slightly oversized dark olive parka that has seen better days, weather permitting. Has a somewhat stylized cat mask that covers the top two-thirds of his face.

Personality: Fairly easy going, if rather world-weary for his age, and focused on keeping his head down. Can sometimes be rather stubborn, often when he shouldn’t be. Tends to keep to himself.

Regarding humanity, he doesn’t bear them any real ill will and has a somewhat resigned attitude regarding his dietary requirements and the interspecies animosity that basically boils down to “we need to eat and they don’t want to die, it’s a shitty situation all round but it’s the one we’re stuck with so all we can do is just get on with it”. However, while killing may be an occasional necessity, he firmly believes that there’s no reason to be a dick about it and has a lot of impolite words regarding ghouls who like to terrorise their prey first, kill in excess and/or are deliberately wasteful. Prefers not to make his own kills since he hates waste but can only eat so much in one go and doesn’t have anywhere to stash the excess.

History: Kazuki doesn’t remember his parents. They died when he was a baby; he’s not sure as to the specifics but figures that it was either the Doves or other ghouls. Instead he was raised by his grandmother in the twenty-first ward. They were poor, had to move around a fair bit and Kazuki didn’t get to go to school, but he remembers his childhood as being a more-or-less happy one, at least by ghoul standards.

His grandmother made it to the ripe old age of sixty-four, no mean feat for a ghoul, only to end up being killed by a ghoul who objected to her scavenging in what he regarded as his territory when Kazuki was sixteen. Kazuki stayed in their tiny apartment until the rent was due, then, unable to pay, packed his bags and left before the landlord showed up to kick him out.

Since then he’s been moving between various Internet or manga cafés like a stray cat (fitting, given his mask), his possessions divided between one bag on his back and another usually stashed in a coin locker somewhere. He keeps moving partly in a less than effective attempt to conceal the fact that he’s homeless, partly to evade CCG detection, partly just to be wherever he’s working, partly because he lacks territory of his own and therefore regards it as a good idea to move on before anyone has time to object to his presence, and partly because he just doesn’t have any reason not to.

On the food front, he scavenges as much as he can, usually other ghouls’ leftovers, along with making the occasional kill. Knows of Anteiku and usually shows up looking for food at least twice a year, but is unwilling to depend on them all the time.

Residence: No fixed abode. He avoids the more CCG-heavy or violent wards but other than that he moves from ward to ward frequently and more or less at random.

Other: Like many ghouls, Kazuki is poorly educated and only semi-literate; he can just about manage reading hiragana and katakana but most kanji is beyond him. Due to his lack of qualifications he only ever manages to get low-paid casual and/or temporary jobs, usually with long gaps between them, so he’s always either running out of money or desperately saving up as much as he can in preparation for the next period of unemployment.


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