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Post by Vortrox on Sun Jan 10, 2016 11:02 pm

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Name: Abraxas, nicknamed "The Conduit."

Age: 14

Gender: Male

Love Interest: None

Organization: Aogiri

Kagune: Abraxas possesses a Bikaku that has four bendable claws at the end of it, the entirety of it glowing a deep crimson. He had attempted to obtain a kakuja by cannibalizing ghouls who opposed Aogiri, however this came at a cost. He uses his kagune to leverage himself above the ground, himself calling it a tactical position, but he really does it because he believes him hanging from his kagune looks creepy to people. He prefers a style of near non lethality so that he may capture his opponents for torture. It is rumored that he attempted to obtain a kakuja mutation, however it failed, changing his personality nad making him unwilling to show his face.

Primary Stats: Stealth, Speed, Attack.

Physical Description:  Height is 4'4 so rather short, weighs 71 lbs, has messy red hair about down to his chin. He wears a broken over sized black straitjacket with black plants, and he wears no shoes strangely. His face is never seen as he always covers himself up with his gas mask for unknown reasons, speculated to have some sort of hatred of showing his own face.

Personality: He is aimless in his goals and often sought the company of ghouls who had goals such as hatred or a lust for revenge. He believes himself to be a conduit, following orders of the strong without much question and using himself as a weapon to bring chaos and destruction. He himself is very quiet barely speaking at all usually replying with a cold mask covered stare. When he does speak, it is usually mindless blabber in an attempt to creep out CCG Investigators and other ghouls for his enjoyment. He views strong ghouls as his superiors and will not act out on his own usually, due to some sort of personality change due to his failed Kakuja. He is usually keeping a watchful eye on most of the Aogiri so that it does not become too "Good-Natured" for him. He is one of the top subordinates of the Aogiri Tree, and refuses to become the leader if given the chance to do so.

History: Abraxas's past is shrouded in mystery yet rumors say either that he was found by the Aogiri when he was about 7 years old during a raid on a Ghoul containment site and was recruited into the Aogiri Tree.  He has been fascinated with insane people, and tries to talk with them every chance he has. He is usually not in the front lines in Aogiri's battles, usually coming from behind and picking off the opposition. He clouds his past with mystery, being very secretive.

Likes: Enjoys creeping people out, capturing CCG investigators and torturing them, painting  while talking to his captured investigators, humming to himself.

Dislikes: Humanity, Most of the CCG, people asking about his face,

Residence: No specific ward and merely follows the Aogiri's movements closely.

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Abraxas The Conduit Empty Re: Abraxas The Conduit

Post by Shokkou on Mon Jan 11, 2016 6:09 pm

Okay, first off, get rid of the references to the Aogri higher ups. Site rules dictate that as far as we're concerned the canon characters don't exist.

Secondly, I think you've got your kagune mixed up. Bikaku are a single tail like kagune at the base of the spine, rinkaku are the tentacles. Also, you can't have an invisible kagune.


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