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Post by BlitheRenegade on Sat Mar 05, 2016 5:14 pm

Name - Kanshi Sutookaa  

Age - 18

Love Interests - None at the moment

Gender - Female

Organisation - Unaffiliated, she likes to remain neutral and keep to herself

Kagune - Classified as the Rinkaku, Kanshi has three ribbon-like tendrils located on the base of her spine. The edges are razor sharp and they can reach 10 feet when fully unleashed. Each ends with a three-pronged claw that can clamp together into a spear and open fully to a hook shape. Kanshi's Kagune is a complexion of soft yellows and faint oranges, with dark red veins pulsating throughout the Kagune and coating the claws. She performs better under long range conditions, using her Kagune for a set of quick but more stationary spears, or long whips with more fluidity, sometimes even wrapping them around herself for a light shield. Her Rinkaku is very thin though, and her regeneration is more tedious than most Rinkaku wielders. So she prefers to avoid or flee from fights. Her Kagune is great for this strategy, using the claws to hook onto buildings and reeling herself up and out of trouble.

Primary Stats
- Stealth / Speed  / Attack

Physical Description
- Kanshi reaches 5'6 feet and weighs around 120 pounds, she is smaller than most people her age, and is sometimes mistaken as someone younger. She has a petite build and lanky features. She has soft facial features and a pale complexion. Her frayed, dark auburn hair hangs loosely, framing her face and her side bang partiality covering her left eye. Her hair reaches the tips of her shoulders in the front, and stoops down to the base of her neck in the back. Her eyes are a deep brown, and usually have an inquiring look to them. She likes to wear long sleeved t-shirts,  ranging in dark colors, like grey and darker greens. She also wears dark jeans and leather boots that just go past her ankles. Occasionally, she wears knitted scarves or her plain, navy hoodie when the weather gets colder. When she's at work, she dons a simple white apron over her clothing and puts her hair in a messy bun, keeping her side bang loose.

Mask - Her mask covers the lower half of her face, covering the bridge of her nose, and arching under her eyes. It latches snugly on her face via a strap on the back of her neck and head. It is made out of dark, aged bonded leather. A pattern of a broad, sharp toothed grin is painted in white on the mask.

Personality - Kanshi is a very apprehensive person, who often takes note of everything for no real reason at all. She may be a tad over analytical, and often worries over simple things. She's the curious type, and she's not afraid to go as far as stalking to get her answers. Though she's curious, she's very reserved and has a fear of large crowds. She likes to talk in small groups and prefers to focus on the other person in the conversation than herself. She'll often keep quiet if she finds she isn't welcome, and she's become a more suffer silently type over time. Kanshi doesn't really have someone to talk to, since she gives off the "weird girl" vibe, so she'll often talk to herself. It's more of just saying remarks to herself and talking to things like inanimate objects or her dead prey. When Kanshi does find someone she trusts to talk to, she chats endlessly with her over flowing thoughts. She has a paranoid mentality, and trusting somebody is something she's yet to accomplish, so finding someone trustworthy is fairly hard for her. That doesn't stop her from working hard to reach her goals, and since friends might get in the way, they aren't something she worries too much about.  While Kanshi may have kindred intentions at heart, she acts towards violence and bloodlust quite easily. Though she can suppress her feelings enough to seem normal, it's not impossible for her to snap when she's frustrated or under a decent amount of stress.

Kanshi's view on humans is rather indifferent, she views ghouls as the stronger race, but she's not a total misanthrope. She sees them more as specimens she's yet to figure out and has trouble empathizing with them, but she isn't that good with other ghouls either. Even though Kanshi doesn't really get them, that doesn't mean she despises them completely. She appreciates them in a weird sense, seeing as they're her only food source and take out competition and cannibals (though she doesn't support the CCG). She prefers to kill quick and painlessly, but won't feast on suicides because she likes to hunt. Kanshi limits herself though, since she doesn't want any attention attracted to herself. Sharing her leftovers to other ghouls is completely fine with her, since she understands that not all ghouls have the guts to kill. That being said, that doesn't mean she's all fine and dandy with other ghouls walking over her. She can handle coexisting, but Kanshi is not afraid to kill her own if they threaten her.

History - Kanshi was born in the 14th Ward, where her parents halted their terror on humans to have their accidental child. Kanshi's mother, Asami, and father were quite the dysfunctional couple, her mother came from the higher class, while her father was from the rougher parts of town. When they first met, Asami had tried to tame the sadistic man known as her father, but soon fell for his charm joined the fun of living to kill. A bit after Kanshi was born, her father quickly realized he nor her mother were capable to raise a child. He tried to sneak Kanshi out and leave her at someone's doorstep so she could lead a safer life, but Asami found out and killed the man. If he thought she couldn't sustain a child, then she was going to prove him wrong.

Determined and full of spite, her mother went back to her educated, privileged roots and moved back to where she grew up, the 7th Ward. There Kanshi was homeschooled, but not for the fear of being discovered, but because Asami decided she needed to work at a faster pace. This was the case for most things Kanshi's early life, and she was kept cooped up in her apartment either studying, training or cleaning their home. When she wasn't working on her education, her mother taught her how to hunt and fight, usually by bringing Kanshi along on her hunting trips and using humans for practice, eventually fighting Kanshi herself for more "lively" action. During these training sessions, Asami would lecture her on how the weak die, and the strong survive. Asami wanted to make sure her daughter didn't turn out soft and weak, so she wasn't afraid to go rough on Kanshi to build character. While her mother was gone either at her job or keeping a social life, Kanshi would often stare out their window and watch the market outside their apartment to watch people go about their lives. This sparked her abundance for observing and curiosity around humans. Occasionally, her mother would take her out for errands or to go visit the park to seem normal. She became familiar with a lot of the shop keepers, and they became her only friends. She took a liking to the owner of an antique shop, a fellow ghoul, and he became her fatherly figure. He enlightened her on a much more peaceful outlook on life than her mom's grim view, and taught her that humans were not just sacks of walking flesh. He even gave Kanshi her mask for her 10th birthday.

As Kanshi grew up, she spent more and more time with the shopkeeper when her mom was busy. While Asami disapproved severely, Kanshi let the antique shop become her second home. After her mom insisted she get a job at 15, Kanshi was quickly hired by the shopkeeper and worked with him for around two years. Asami was still a spiteful woman, and often blamed Kanshi for the death of her true love. She became restless from raising a child that could never live up to her expectations and took her frustrations out on Kanshi during their training sessions. It didn't take long for the shopkeeper to figure out from the long sleeved shirts Kanshi wore to hide the wounds. He proposed that he could take Kanshi in, and her mother could finally have her long awaited freedom. It seemed like a wonderful plan to Kanshi, but her mom was enraged by the fact her child had chosen him over herself. In a fit of rage, she tried to kill Kanshi for her liking towards the weak. Fortunately, the shopkeeper intervened before Kanshi could be stuck down, and tried to fend off Asami. It was clear that he could not win, her mother having greater experience and a far better Kagune. All the while, he told Kanshi to run as he held her now unstable mother off. Kanshi was opposed to leaving him behind, but she obeyed his pleas and ran from the scene, his screams echoing in the alley as she left.

Kanshi fled to a completely different part of Tokyo, wandering around and sleeping on the streets. After having a rough skirmish with another ghoul, she soon realized that constantly moving between Wards to avoid an encounter with her mom was not the best idea. Using the her savings from her time at the antique shop, she rented a tiny apartment in the 10th Ward. After exploring the streets for a bit, Kanshi came across a small flower shop and was immediately hit with nostalgia from the antique shop.  Because of her better education, (and maybe killing one or two employees to expand her chances) Kanshi was hired and has been working there ever since.

Residence - She inhabits the 10th Ward, where she lives in a small, one bedroom apartment. That doesn't mean she only stays in the 10th ward though, she often goes to the other nearby wards to explore and hunt.

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Post by Shokkou on Fri Mar 11, 2016 1:29 pm

Okay, as far as I can tell it all looks pretty good. Her mask might be a bit too much like Kaneki's but that isn't really all that much of an issue. Approved.


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