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Nikuya the Butcher Empty Nikuya the Butcher

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Nikuya the Butcher DD1nDkV

Name:  肉屋


Also called "The Butcher."

Age: 18

Gender: Male

Love Interest: None at present.

Organization: Unaffiliated

Kagune: Nikuya's Kagune is of medium thickness and exceptional length (roughly 15 feet). There are 3 Tendrils which originate from the middle of his back, which focus primarily on speed and strength, moving very fast, however they are not particularly adept at remaining active for a long duration, and are rather weak- allowing them to be chopped off (though they will heal back in a few days).
They are black in coloration, with occasional ripples and discolorations of red, often shifting in color with Nikuya's mood. The most prominent aspect of Nikuya's Kagune though, is the large cleaver-like blades on the ends of each tendril-giving him his nickname: The Butcher.

Physical Description: Nikuya has shaggy maroon hair which extends to his chin. He has innocent, friendly looking features, but tends to look rather unhinged and disheveled. His smile, despite it's apparent amiability, tends to make him look perpetually guilty of some mischief or another. Even when serious, his countenance is typically one of silent bemusement. He has brown, trusting eyes and a rather thin, tall body-type, with average-if rather well defined-musculature.
He tends to dress in a grey knee-length coat and various geeky T-shirts, and baggy black jeans.

Personality: Nikuya is a ghoul with no true allegiance; he tends to be fairly friendly with any and all members of his own species regardless of organizational ties, however he is very hostile to human beings, harboring a deep loathing for them and all their ilk. Nikuya believes mankind is a selfish species which is unwilling to listen to reason, and is made weak by their constant fear of the unknown; he fully believes the entire species should be reduced to the position of cattle, and that ghouls should run things in tokyo; as such he greatly enjoys torturing and killing them, often for fun.

Despite his animosity towards humans, he is still very friendly towards ghouls who help and live among them- though he does disapprove of their life-styles; even sparing any human friends a ghoul might have, or offering Anteiku left-overs from his over-zealous killing sprees (though he mostly does so because there is too much for him to eat , and he doesn't want any going to waste). When pressed, Nikuya would admit he doesn't truly hate human beings on the individual level, so much as he hates the collective species, perhaps signifying that his killing of humans is only an out-let for a natural predisposition for sadism.

History: Nikuya was raised all over Tokyo, traveling from one part of the city to another through the roads of the twenty-fourth ward.
Although he was an orphan most  of his life, he made many friends, only to watch as the increasingly aggressive CCG captured and killed almost all of them. As a result of this, he bears a deep personal hatred for humans, and the CCG in particular.

Other: Although he justifies his mass killing of humans with vengeance, and by saying his cause is just, Nikuya only uses this as an out-let for his sadistic tendencies, which would other-wise fester and manifest in violence against fellow ghouls. As a result, the killing of innocent humans is almost a necessity for him to maintain his friendly personality, despite the fact that it is genuine.
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