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Name: Trish H. Fowl

Age: 23 years old

Gender: Female

Love Interest: No one yet. Prove yourself to her and don't mess up if you want to be with her.

Organization: CCG

Quinque/Weapon/Fighting style: Quinque - It has the ability to fire the majority of the weapon at the enemy like a piston. All but the hilt and bone like structure fires off in a chosen direction which stays connected by the bone like structure which turns flexible like a spin effectively allowing it to become an almost whip like weapon. It is retractable at any point except for the initial thrust and extends the range by a little over double of its standard form. Fighting style - When forced to use hand to hand she specializes in Akido, a very effective form of redirecting an enemies force and energy as well as their body.   Weapon Form - Trish S. Fowl Sparda10    

Primary Stats: Speed, Endurance, Health

Physical Description: Trish stands at an odd height for her gender as she tops out at five eleven which allows her to stand eye to eye with most men and practically tower over other women. Trish weighs roughly one hundred and twenty four pounds. Her hair is silvery white and extends a dangerous length for her chosen path, the every edge of her hair drapes down to rest at the base of her spine. She wears an altered jacket that is hemmed to just below her breasts and tied off tightly with itself. The jacket is made of a tough leather and is a remarkable blue color as well as detailed with a white trim that loops from the mid-right side around the the back of the color all the way down the left side. The sleeves are tailored to come just past the heel of her hand. She also wears half finger light brown leather gloves on both hands. Her pants are a skin tight leather type that hugs her form perfectly as well as used as mild protection against concrete scraping and such. Her boots are a mildly dark brown leather that come up to just below her knees except for the lips that cover her kneecaps. Her eyes are a piercing light blue  with an angular but somehow soft looking face. The last noticeable feature of her attire is an amulet that is clearly displayed around her neck which is a blood-red gem surrounded by blackened ivory and held by a chain.

Personality: Trish is a realist and will never believe false hope on a situation and for the most part not let wool be pooled over her eyes. She tends to be calm woman due to her attunement to her training with her father. She bears a large grudge against ghouls because of her sisters death. She also has a thing for limitations, such as what are her limits, what are yours? Can she surpass what she can do before you can? She craves more power to eradicate what is in her way and hopes through her combat with ghouls she can obtain the knowledge to finalizing their existence. She can have a rather steely exterior and come off at a first encounter like a brick wall that can move and talk but if you can prove to her that you aren't part of the same rabble Trish will soften to a degree.

History: Trish was a fairly normal person until the event that took away her sister. Eaten right in front of her and splattered in the blood as well was want concreted her desire to join the CCG. After this point she trained to become better and further than her general practice of swordsmanship could do. Before the death of her sister Trish and her were under the tutelage of their father to know swordsmanship and combat mainly to find their centers. However he died several years ago to a heart attack. Trish has had combat experience but yet to secure any kills which is surprising to her peers as she blew through training like a breeze.

Residence: 8th Ward

Other: The amulet she wears around her neck holds a special significance because other than her memories it is the last thing that reminds her of her sister. It also has a matching piece out there somewhere and a big goal for Trish is to find it because it belonged to her sister.
Trish truly enjoys reading and meditation and can be found doing both when not on the job.

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