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Post by Celestial_Tea on Mon Mar 16, 2015 7:17 pm

Josephine Rousseau Josephine_dress_by_otaku858-d8ip2hv

Name: Josephine Rousseau

Age: 23 years

Gender: Female

Love Interest: None currently and very selective

Organization: CCG Member

Quinque/Weapon/Fighting style: (I'll provide a picture eventually) A quinque that serves as slight armor but mainly more for offense. Takes the form of claws wrapped up around the arms with slight 'thorns' protruding from the sides and knuckles. The fingers are akin to talons. It can not be used for extended periods of time, but can last a good half hour or so before she would collapse.

Primary Stats: Health, Stealth, Stamina

Physical Description: She is 5 foot 6 inches, but has a large tendency to slouch. She weights 79 pounds. Her nose is often red and she has dark bags under her eyes. Her hair is straight and grey (not of aging I swear), often held in a pony tail by a red ribbon (don't touch her ribbon, unless you'd like to get her mad). She's emaciated to the point of seeing ribs and knuckles (if she clutches her hand gently). She's not very strong due to such a bodily composition. She often wears older clothing and dresses

Personality: She's a decently complex person to understand without realizing her present dementia and agoraphobia (the fear of everyday inescapable situations such as conversations). She has a tendency to stutter and slur her words unless she's properly fed due to lack of food (most of the time she starves herself) or her dementia.
 She's normally high-kept and tries to be compassionate. She's had doubts about her fighting with ghouls on occasion and isn't the most devoted to her work. She often questions things numerous times and this can lead to her being greatly conflicted and self-loathing. She also has a tendency to be clingy and protective.

History: She originally lived back in the country of France with her aristocrat/rich family. She raised her own sister instead of her parents, growing mentally dependent and attached to her. They family eventually moved to Tokyo and were forbidden from exiting the home. The one event that shaped her later on was her sister's death. This happened while she was in the study and she quickly assumed it was from a ghoul (She is wrong, however her opinion on this is the one thing she refuses to let sway). Unlike most people, she didn't let this dictate her opinion on most ghouls after much self-loathing. She joined the CCG in order to find the one who killed her sister.

Residence: Seventeenth Ward but tends to wander

Other: She is very easily influenced in opinions, regarding the fact she has a loose grasp of what she knows to be true, often believing certain things to be made up from her dementia or the opposite, hallucinations she believes wholeheartedly to be true.

She's also Demisexual (Lack of attraction to someone unless they become deeply emotionally or romantically connected with an individual

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