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Post by bigmanbj52 on Fri Jul 24, 2015 3:00 am

Name: Matthew mcgee

Age: 17

Gender: male
Love Interest: girls with a good personality

Organization: Anteiku

Kagune: long green Bikaku tail with a pointed end that can grow and shrink to any size

Primary Stats: Health-1

Physical Description: short white hair, brown eyes, sharp teeth, sharp abstract tattoo on right cheek, long orange helix earing with black in the middle, dark black unbuttoned shirt with black buttons and white t-shirt, bead necklace with four black glossy beads with orange circles making it look like a black eye with orange a pupil it also has three orange inward commas two medium ones and one big one in the middle with a black downward triangle collapsed in the middle(the necklace is in symmetry), black pants,  and orange and black shoes.

Personality: lazy, nice, good to talk to, doesnt like pain all that much, friendly, feels awkward when he talks about feelings and other bad stuff.

History: he was an orphan at birth and got adopted by a murderois woman who feed and took care of him until she was killed by hanging for her crimes, she managed to get him away without others knowing about him.

Residence: on a third floor a an apartment building, on the left when you enter I a couch and in the middle is a square whole where a small table can slide in, a tv in front of the couch, on the left Is a small kitchen with a medium fridge, and down the past the kitchen and living room is two rooms across from each other and straight down is a full bathroom.



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Post by Live To Serve on Fri Aug 07, 2015 6:05 pm

This needs some heavy grammar work, and death by hanging is no longer a sentence one can receive in Japan. I'd also like to see more in personality.

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