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Genki, Eyo "Cleaver" Img-thing?

Name: Genki, Eyo

Age: 18

Gender: Male

Love Interest: Nothing, as of right now.

Organization: Anteiku

Kagune: Eyo's Kagune lives up to his nickname, 'Cleaver.' It's a Rikaku type, and extends from just above his pelvis. The Kagune is formed in that of one to two extremely thin, long, and sharp, almost knife like tentacles. The range from 5 to 15 feet, and can extended at will. Due to the Kagune being so thin, Eyo can defend against most attacks, and dish out just as much force at a high rate of speed. However, due to his Kagune's typing, it can be destroyed rather easily, serving as a major weak point. Even so, Eyo can regenerate his Kagune relatively quickly, and continue his onslaught. The Kagune itself is a navy blue with black blotches across it.
Primary Stats: Speed, Offense, and Durability/Stamina.

Physical Description: Ah, the description! Goody, goody! Eyo stands at an average 5 foot, 9 inches, and weighs around 150 pounds, even though he looks to weigh less than he actually is. Eyo has rather dark brown hair, almost a hazelnut-like color. It's rather shaggy, longer in the back, but is cut above the eyes in the front, with a single tuff of hair that puffs up from the top. Eyo has been trying to get this to go down for years, to no avail. His eyes almost match his hair, sharing a nearly same hazelnut color. It's notable that Eyo's eyelashes are extremely long. Who's normal attire consists of either a white, black, or gray dress shirt, with the sleeves rolled up half quarter length, with is covered with a black trimmed white V neck style sweater. He matches this with either a pair of dark colored slim fitting jeans, or khakis. He is always seen wearing either grey or red colored casual sneakers. On the palm of his right hand, Eyo has a tattoo of a heart with a toothy smile.

Personality: Eyo is a laid back, well rounded Ghoul. Unlike other of his kind, Eyo cares a great deal for humans, due to his 'family' being human. Eyo has joined with Anteiku for that very reason: he couldn't imagine having his family taken from him, so why should he take from anyone else? As a social butterfly, Eyo serves as one of the best and worst waiters at Anteiku. He serves his customers well, just can be caught up in conversations with the people he encounters, especially, with those who show the same interest in films and television shows that he does. Eyo also serves as one of the members of Anteiku that delivers food to its Ghoul customers. Eyo makes a point that, "A delivery boy needs to be nice, attractive, and a little bit flirty, that's why I'm the best."
    Although extremely outgoing and likable, Eyo suffers from Passive-Aggresive Disorder, and, although not rarely, has been known to lash out. When Eyo knows he's about to blow his stack, he sets out to the 10th Ward to let off steam. Whether it be other Ghouls or Doves, Eyo does not leave until he decides he's stable enough to return home. However, Eyo knows that deep down, the possibility of him breaking sanity is not impossible, and has decided that if he poses a threat, he'll either turn himself into the or have someone kill him.

History: Eyo was born to two Ghouls, his father, Adu Genki, and his mother, Madoka Hamura. Eyo had a rather normal life in the 10th Ward, living near a rather quiet park, where he would play with his human friends, unaware that he was truly any different from them. Adu and Madoka believed greatly that the constant war between humans and Ghouls should stop, for, "Humans and Ghouls are almost exactly the same, why can't we live in peace?" Eyo spent a considerable amount of time at Anteiku, where his family left him when they felt as if his well being would be in danger in any way. This where Eyo developed his love of televisions shows and movies, for he would often watch television with the manager of Anteiku at that time.
    When Eyo turned seven, however, his life came crashing down around him. Eyo had just finished up watching, "Renji-san And The Legend of The Six Samurai," when a worker at Anteiku delivered him a letter from his mother. Eyo dropped the letter and hit the floor crying. The Doves had gotten to his parents. They were gone. There was nothing that he could do. Nothing. The letter also detailed that Madoka and Adu had left him to an aging couple, Sheshi and Mika Puushi, both humans, and in there early forties; friends of Eyo's parents. Eyo quickly spiraled into a deep depression, and stayed in his room for months at a time, refraining from school, and not eating. He couldn't do anything, he was weak. That what he thought. He couldn't help anyone. It wasn't until Sheshi sat Eyo down that he finally realized he was only acting foolish. "Eyo, why sit here and cry when you can be happy?" Shesi was right. Eyo was being stupid. He didn't need to leave his mind linger in the past. In a month, he was back to old self, and hadn't changed since. Since then, he has grown to love Sheshi and Madoka, who he affectionately calls, 'Popo' and 'Mama', and has started working for Anteiku.

Residence: 20th, Eyo stays with his family in their home, roughly 15 blocks from Anteiku.

Other: Eyo's mask is quite unique. It covers his entire face, with cut out for his eyes. It's is black in color, and features a third eye design between his eyes, which has a blue iris, and a black scalera.

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