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Post by RomanWestbrook on Mon Aug 24, 2015 3:21 am

Roman Westbrook 79e37f_1bdc8b742e09424faa1230752d10c9e7.jpg_srz_p_356_364_75_22_0.50_1.20_0 Roman Westbrook 79e37f_3d164eab302540f9b390e2118f6bfd73.png_srz_p_354_354_75_22_0.50_1.20_0

Name: Roman Westbrook

Age: Nineteen

Gender: Male

Love Interest: None

Organization: Himself

Kagune: Alright. As many Kagunes have multiple extensions, as does Roman's. Roman his a set of three, each fitted with a unique head. The Shark, The Cursed, and The Ravenous. Each has it's skills, and fatal flaws. The Shark is bulky and harder to work, much easier to miss a strike, or deliver one with a minimal punch. It, however, can extend it's just just a bit as a shark does. It isn't much, and is the weakest head. The Cursed has sharp exposed bone, making good to stabbing through flesh and strong against other weapons and Kagunes, but it lacks sharp teeth, making it's mouth almost useless- at least it is fast though. But... It also lacks bite pressure as a result of it's thin head, so maybe the jaws are useless. Make a neat snapping sound. The Ravenous is the strongest of the heads. It's mouth opens in four directions, making it simple to land a massive bite. Though the jaws are still weaker than the Shark, it's one advantage is the ability to spit corrosive saliva. It doesn't exactly burn on contact, however, when in the eyes or in wounds, it's agonizing. As a last note, the shark is capable of eating meat just as Roman.

Roman Westbrook 79e37f_758756c4d85e4e5ca2f258aad868ca2e.png_srz_p_490_345_75_22_0.50_1.20_0

Primary Stats: Speed, Stamina, Attack.

Physical Description: Roman has blonde hair that drapes messily and roughly a medium length. His eyes are a lovely golden color, and his skin is fairly pallid in complexion. He's tall- six feet, two inches. He has a fairly athletic style of build, but is still on the thinner side. Due to his height, and despite not being underweight, he can tend to look like it. He dresses as he is- wealthy. As a side note, he regularly smells of coffee, and of spearmint chewing gum. Of course, he'd never swallow that, but of all human food, it's the only thing he has taken a liking to.

Personality: Oh jeez. Roman. He's an ass. No doubt about that. He can be a royal jerk, but of course things are a little different when it comes to women. He can be regularly seen purchasing gifts for women at various stores, or paying for their meals. He doesn't mind bringing them home either. For... A few reasons. He is quite charming, though, and a sweet talker anytime it's necessary. He has a sly sort of nature, and cunning indeed.

History: Roman is of the priviledged. Imagine a world with no limit. At the grocery store when you buy according to neccessity with only a few frivolous things... What if you didn't have to do that? Load up the cart. It's free game. What about just wanting enough gas money to make it to work..? The bills..? Or even just college...

Roman never knew these troubles. Growing up in a multi-million dollar house with both parents present, he had it all. Though his father, Andrew, was hardly present in his life due to work as the CEO of a major company which Roman's grandfather began, his mother never left his side. Lauren was readily teaching him the ways of the world, and how to be a ladies man, essentially. She taught him how to hold himself, how to live in the spotlight, how to escape it, and that coffee was the most important thing life would ever offer. (Coffee is great.)  

On his own... He learned to like the company of men less and less as he grew older. He didn't have an attentive father. He didn't want one.

It shaped him. The fortune, mother, and lack of a father.

Residence: The Eighteenth Ward.

Other: N/A

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Post by Live To Serve on Mon Aug 24, 2015 8:23 pm

Although you have a very strong voice, I would like you to give me more personality. Additionally, parts of this are quite well written, while others are on an entirely different (much worse) writing level. Revise this for grammar, and also choose one Kagune ability, you can't have 3.

As your admin, I swear to uphold the highest standards of lackadaisical behavior, general goofiness, and all-around pandemonium,

But if you bring your drama into my house, I
WILL boot your sorry butt.

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