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Maiko Arasaki [ W I P ] MRDxwJa

Maiko Arasaki



Love Interest:

Aogiri Tree

[Rinkaku || Scaled Scales]

Maiko uses her tentacles very well, extending them when needed. She is able to form small hooks at the end of each of them, that helps her in caring the prey or while climbing a building. She loves distance fights especially against a kōkaku that are used to face-to-face fights. When it comes to a fast opponent she uses her rinkaku as a shield or to get more speed . Her greatest weakness is the weak binding force among the Rc cells which makes her weapon easily broken by a highly brute attack. Her kagune got a pair of pink circles, giving the sensation that her tentacles got eyes. Maiko can have a total of 4 tentacles coming out.

Primary Stats:


Physical Description: (Height, weight, clothes, hair, etc. Just, for the love of the lord, make the description long enough to actually tell me something.)

[Intelligent  | Calculative  | Cunning  | Fearless  | Selfish  | Calm  |  Cynical |  Cruel | Rational]

Maiko tends to remain calm and rational despite the situation or surroundings. Calculative and intelligent: remains logical at all times, seeing most emotional displays as a sign of weakness and irrationality. Has a natural thirst for knowledge: loves to play with others mostly because she is fond of seeing their reaction or attitude towards different aspects of life, copying and learning new techniques of emotional displays or combat. Adventurous and stubborn: sometimes acts like a kid because she had a harsh childhood and had to think like an adult in order to survive. As she tends to be very straightforward, it is no surprise that she is often seen as insensitive. But her detached attitude is in fact just a protective crust to hide her emotional nature towards things she loves, this trait being firmly sealed and hidden from others. At times can be very cruel and harsh, especially towards people that are unable to deal with their own desires. Maiko tends to be very fair-minded, but in her own way. She has her own understanding of justice, and always pays back her debts. She is respectful and courteous with those who deserve it. Since she spent most of her life alone, she became pretty selfish in order to save herself from unnecessary emotional damage. Neat and tidy: loves to have things arranged and clean but at the same time she becomes pretty materialistic when somebody tries to ruin her perfect order by stealing or borrowing her stuff. Cunning and pretty perverse: loves to manipulate and seduce others but does it mostly for fun. She is simultaneously an idealist and a cynic, a seemingly impossible conflict. But this is because she tends to believe that with effort, intelligence and consideration, nothing is impossible, while at the same time she believes that people are too lazy, short-sighted or self-serving to actually achieve those fantastic results, despite their race or provenience.

❀ Unlike most of people and ghouls, Maiko had a pretty mild childhood. At least this is what she thinks since she is unable to remember too much from what happened in her past. She was too young to understand and memorize. She and her older sister found shelter in the 13th district after their parents left them there to die. She is not sure why their parents left them, but she does know that they regretted their decision years later, when their older daughter smashed their heads against a concrete wall and tortured them for several weeks in their own house before the CCG could finish the job.

❀ As a kid Maiko was rather reserved and calm. She was too young and inexperienced to take care of herself so her older sister had to do the whole 'dirty job'. Her sister was very strong and, unlike most ghouls, had a double-kagune (ukaku and rinkaku), inherited from both her parents. The two of them didn't have any money to afford an apartment or scholarship. They lived in fear, spending their nights awake to hunt, and days hiding in trash or old and uninhabited houses. One day, a ghoul found them on his territory, but instead of killing them he helped them to get used to live around humans. Soon enough her sister found a job at a local cafe. The money she earned there wasn't enough to pay their bills so she got one more job, night-job, for their other needs. Maiko never questioned her sister, so she had no idea what her sister was doing at night. On the other hand, Maiko could herself join her sister at the cafe where she was working. It was not a ghoul cafe so the two of them were very careful and tried not to look suspicious. Here Maiko learned how to play the guitar. The owner of was a very young yet amiable man, so he loved to spent his time with Aki. He taught her how to play the guitar and read.

❀ As soon as Maiko was able to read, a whole new world opened to her. She spent most of her time reading, slowly at first, but soon enough she started to read faster. She wanted to know more. She wanted to understand more. Her thirst for knowledge developed during the years she spent living with her sister.

❀ She loved humans. Not only because they were a non replaceable source of natural Rc cells, but also for being free, intelligent and boundless creatures, that could live the way they wanted without fearing what awaits for them in the future. She loved and respected them. She was a pretty timid girl, being too scared that normal people will discover her true-self. But one day she met a boy of her age in the park near her house. He was very open-minded and happy-going. Although a human, he had a great interest towards ghouls. He could spent hours by describing how awesome they were. He was her first friend.

❀ One day Maiko's sister disappeared. No one knew where she was for months. And for months Maiko had to hunt herself. The young and inexperienced ghoul had to spent her nights outside, trying to get a good kill. But she couldn't. She didn't have a good rinkaku control. She was too awkward and weak.  In these short months she got through real hell. For weeks she had nothing to eat. Her hunger was driving her insane. She had nobody around to help her. Only her boyfriend. A human.

❀ She was whoring the streets at night till once, she felt a familiar scent. She followed it till she found the source. A dead body was lying hidden in the shadows of a bad illuminated street. She couldn't take her hunger anymore, ripping and eating the flesh of the unknown body. Before she could react, a strange figure appeared behind her. When she turned around she froze. It was her only friend and lover. He was staring at her blood-stained arms, her black-n-red eyes. She was terrified. She couldn't move. But he smiled. He smiled and said it was okay. He wasn't scared of her. Mostly surprised. She never felt that relieved. But her relief lasted mere moments. When he made a step forward, a strange ripping sound pierced the air. Next second, his face and chest had a red line drawn on them. Next - blood. Splashes and body parts falling on the gray cement. The gruesome view was the only thing Maiko could see in front of her. He was dead. The only person she ever loved was her sister.

❀ Her sister got unnecessary attention from the CCG inspectors and the only way for her to survive was to run away, and get their attention away from her sister. She spent months to hunt down the inspectors that were a threat. And now she came back just to discover that her little sister was having her meal in front of a human. Dead now.

❀ Maiko was completely broken. She couldn't believe what happened. Nothing seemed right now. She was going to kill her sister. She couldn't bear the loss of her loved one. But when she was already getting ready to rip her sister's head, she noticed a wierd round object in one of his hands and a shiny object in his other hand. A ghoul-head and quinque. He killed a ghoul with a quinque? Why would he kill a ghoul? And where he got that knife from? She shortly received answers to this questions. His father was an inspector, killed by ghouls.

❀ Their new home became the 20th ward. It was a peaceful district and the best one they've ever inhabited. But for some reasons her sister started to act wierd. Like she was replaced by another person. She was cruel, angry most of the time. Sometimes her body started to twitch and her laughter would break the silence of the night time. She was still missing at night. Maiko's curiosity made her spy her own sister. And she was regretting this choice. Her sister was a cannibal. She was hunting ghouls and eating their flesh in order to become stronger. Her kagune changed. It wasn't a double kagune anymore. It looked more like a great centipede covering her whole spine. And that night was her last meal. She was killed by a ghoul-gang and the leader of the district. She easily got used to living alone. She always loved to know more things so she tried to copy and understand some of normal humans traits. She even tried to learn how to eat their food, though it took her two years to completely hide her disgust for it. She loved her sister but not now that she became a monster and died like a dog. She lost her respect towards her.

❀ Several months after her sister's death, some unknown people found Aki. They told her that her sister had debts to pay, and since she was dead, Aki was the one that should return the money. Maiko was still young and inexperienced. Although, the persons that found her were people, she couldn't kill them. She was scared,panic overcoming her feelings, and had nothing to do but come back to the 13th ward and take her sister's night-time job. Those people were her new bosses. She was scared. But as time passed she got used to her new job as a prostitute. It was not that difficult, and the money she earned were enough for her to buy clothes and pay bills. She visited 20th ward from time to time, to get food from Anteiku. She just wanted to pay her sister's debt. Only after a whole year passed, she realized that there was never a debt to pay in the first place. It was a way people tricked young females to make them work. And the debt shall never be paid since, the more you work, the more your debt becomes: if a customer is not pleased, if you break one cup by accident, if another prostitute has one of her things lost and accuses you; it all affects your so called "debt". This was one of the many wicked faces those 'intelligent and boundless creatures' hid. She was fooled by her own food. When she realized this fact, she finally felt better. She understood that nothing is as ideal as it seems to be. And now she had to get away from this organisation. It wasn't difficult to run away. The problem was that they would sooner or later find her. And she was too proud to run and hide now that she was a woman. Her way out of the organisation was one of her first successful strategic plans. The org. had it's birthday in one of the biggest night-clubs in the 13th ward, to which most of her clients were invited. She knew all of them, from her first to her last customer. She always wrote their names in a note book, knowing that they all have to die if she decided to run away. It would be too difficult to do all the work alone so she invited some 'friends'. Ghoul friends. She mixed light drugs in all of the drinks. It was not difficult since she didn't work alone. She asked another prostitute to do this. That girl was stupid but reliable. She wanted to get free as well so she did it secretly. Also Maiko checked all doors and windows to be closed and the music to be loud. Very loud. And now it was party time. Ghouls attacked from everywhere. Shouts and shrieks were suppressed by the loud music. It was one of the greatest blood baths Aki'd ever attended to. None of the people survived. As soon as the ghoul party has come to an end, the club mysteriously caught fire, caused by a great explosion from the inside. The number of deaths is still a mystery. She planned everything. But she didn't work alone. There were no traces that led to her since no one (from living people) knew her as a prostitute. Another organisation was blamed as the promoter of this explosion and ghoul attack after some of the prostitutes and customers were identified as ghouls. It was also part of her plan. As well as the fact that this ghoul identification didn't affect it's reputation and the org. is still high-powered.

❀ After this incident Maiko came back to the 20th ward. She made sure none of her customers were alive or at least able to recognize her. Again she didn't work alone. It is not too hard to find a ghoul willing to kill a person and get some extra-bonuses for this. She changed her appearance a bit and now was ready for a new exciting life. She spent some years in the 20th district, but mostly to learn how to survive in a human society. And now she needed to blend in the ghoul lifestyle. She left the 20th district. Her next home was the 9th ward. There she learned how to survive in a ghoul society. She learned how to use her rinkaku in order to climb buildings and carry the prey. Also she got herself a small territory after defeating a low class koukaku ghoul. She got a great love to fight. Although she got herself close to death often, she still enjoyed to 'learn' street fighting. Three years later she moved to the 11th ward. She already received a great battle experience during the years in the 9th ward but still it was not enough to earn an easy living here. Although the CCG's were essentially powerless here, the ghouls here were of a greater threat. Everybody wanted to get on the top so fights occurred almost every day. Again, Maiko used it in her advantage. But instead of simple useless fights, she developed strategic plans. While everybody seeked for power, she easily got a good prey. Later she moved to the 7th ward. She disliked this place mostly for how stupid the ghouls out there seemed to her. They all were trying to copy human behavior in their own 'style'. She considered it a stupid and inconsistent idea. They all seemed 'glamorous' and 'posh' it made her feel sick.

❀ That's till she ran to the 14th district. The rules were completely different out here. This ward was the worst place she ever inhabited. Since her body didn't seem as strong as it was in reality, a great number of cannibals tried to have her as a meal. She got her arm chopped off while she was searching for a shelter. She ran away, half dead to the 4th district. Before trying to find a shelter here she got to the HySy ArtMask Studio where she received her first mask. She moved to the 1st district after hearing a rumor that her sister was still alive. Fortunately it was just a rumor.

❀ At the moment she lives in a small apartment(8 floor) of a nine-floor building in the 11th district. The building is pretty old but stable. Works in a small library to pay the bills and also learn more about normal people. She is also an internet novelist, having writing as a payable hobby. Hunts twice or three times per month. Stores her prey in a big fridge she's got at home. Picks her victim wisely, preparing for each hunt, trying not to leave any traces. Tries not to get involved into conflicts but if she does get involved, tries to make things go the way it will bring more goods to her. Sometimes goes all naive and pure to fool both humans and ghouls. Uses her 'charm' to hunt.

11th Ward


+Intelligent or interesting people or ghouls
+To fool others
+Romance and action books
+Animals(mostly bunnies and cats)

-Stupid people or ghouls
-Human food
-Hot days
-Inefficiency and imperfection
-Dealing with anything that does not require logical reasoning (mostly because she does not know how to act in situations that require emotional reasoning)

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