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Hikari "The Mantis" Empty Hikari "The Mantis"

Post by Myrabear on Fri Feb 27, 2015 2:07 am

Name: Hikari (She keeps her last name a secret)

Also known as "The Mantis"

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Love Interest:

Organization: Unaffiliated

Kagune: Hikari's kagune physically resembles the arms of a praying mantis. They appear from her shoulder blades and have a ten foot reach when not in a praying position. Much like a praying mantis the ends are serrated like a steak knife, making it easy for her to hook into her prey and drag them to her.

Primary Stats: Speed, attack and stealth.

Physical Description: Hikari is 5,5 and around 120 pounds. She is a very curvy girl which she uses to lure in prey. She has waist long light pink hair which she typically wears down. On a lazy day or a quick run threw the city Hikari wears extremely revealing clothing, typically crop tops which show off her bust and stomach, and tight little shorts which show her legs and booty. When hunting she wears expensive clothing, which is due to the fact she hunts after people with lots of money. Her mask is the face of a praying mantis, beautiful and deadly.

Personality: Hikari is a solitary type of girl, much like the praying mantis she resembles. She only wants to be friends with people that can be of use to her. She tends to hang out with the upper class ghouls, which helps feed her ego and superiority complex. Hikari loves living and lavish lifestyle and will do anything she has to do to secure her future. Hikari is charming and sly, easily able to manipulate people. She has no problem slipping into roles to help her move up the ranks of upperclass ghoul society or to hook in rich prey. Hikari occasionally commits cannibalism, and enjoys the rush it gives her. She has very few morals she lives by. She believes that by being a ghoul she is excused from societies rules.

History: Raised in an upperclass ghoul family Hikari was spoiled much of her childhood. She loved the thrill of killing from a young age so her parents would bring children for her to play with and kill. She often accompanied her family to the private gourmet ghoul restaurant, where her thrill of killing was even more intensified. She looked forward to going there with her family. The swanky upperclass company, the mystery of the masks, and of course watching humans get torn apart to be devoured was so exciting to her. When she became a young teenager her parents taught her the secrets of wealth, and that was to simply kill the rich and take their wallets. Rich humans often tasted better anyway. Hikari understood immediately how to maintain her way of life. She became a geshia girl for a while, but she soon grew bored of entertaining the horny old men. Hikari soon found a rich human to "fall in love" with. As soon as she learned the hot spots for the rich humans she ate him - in his expensive penthouse nonetheless- and now she has made the expensive areas of tokyo her hunting grounds. Other ghouls are wary of running into her, but the rich humans haven't seemed to catch on yet.

Residence: Hikari has a home in the 21st ward but travels constantly to keep the CCG off of her trail.

Other: - Hikari will refuse to feed on any lower class humans.
- Hikari doesn't have any friends and although she pretends it doesn't bother her, she would love to make a few.
- She is a wanted ghoul by the CCG under the code name "Mantis"

Also sorry if I posted this in the wrong area I'm on mobile and all mixed up tbh

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Hikari "The Mantis" Empty Re: Hikari "The Mantis"

Post by Live To Serve on Sat Feb 28, 2015 9:28 pm

Accepted! Love the backstory as well, definitely a different take.

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